Shaping a positive future for the next generation.

Our purpose

Our goal is to shape a positive future for the next generation.

As a Think Tank, we develop hypotheses about the impact of new technology on society. Based on them, we invest in companies that share our values and shape a positive future.

What we do

Think Tank

We investigate the impact of different technologies on society, forming opinions on how they can be utilized to shape the future in the most positive way for society.

Capital & Mentorship

We provide inception capital and mentorship to companies that share our values of sustainable, long-term growth and fit our view on the future.

Network & Tools

We provide the networks & tools that are needed to enable those companies to succeed on their mission.


Max Schulze

Developer turned Growth & Strategy Nerd. Co-Founder & CTO of tech startups in Germany, US and UK including Nukotoys, Lobster, Die Politiker. People person & deep understanding of cultures & growth mechanics.

Mathias Kutzner

Team Builder & passionate about unlocking individual potential. Co-Founder & CTO of several tech startups including Sponsorpay (now Fyber), HitFox, Dojo Madness. Deep understanding especially of early stage startups.


Mohan Gandhi

Analyst who thrives to understand both big picture & detail. As a Civil Engineer, can actually build bridges. Aside from understanding markets & companies, aims to play at the Olympics with the US Field Hockey team.

Lasse Schneppenheim

Expert & Evangelist for Sustainability and Energy. Unique photographer & cinemathographer who prefers the outdoors. Avid kite-surfer and traveler who enjoys exploring countries & cultures as much as he likes being home in Kiel.


Simon Mundorf

Always with a smile, engages with founders & partners to foster meaningful relationships and helps to build new bridges between investors, companies and partners. Passionate about Field Hockey, both professional and as a trainer for the next generation.

Lena Repenning

Focussed on where we and our companies are headed. Helps to find the big picture & develop the strategies to get there. When not in the office spends times with her horses and trains others to get better at the sport.